Micro Donating

Helping someone does not always mean telethons, bake sales or large donations. Micro gifting is a powerful way to help others with items that we sometimes take for granted. Coupons, gift cards, unwanted Christmas gifts, rewards points, and even spot purchases are welcome and encouraged 


Cash Donations

· As much as we would like to, we will not be accepting cash donations until our 501(c3) Non Profit has been approved. After that we will be able to extend tax write-offs in exchange for your generosity. Please join our interest list if you would like to make a cash donation in the future.


Project Alchemy exists to create golden opportunities from seemingly ordinary situations. We also believe this is a group effort, our success depends on your generosity. 

Call 626 691 5390

Give us your name , location and what you would like to donate .

Must be in California unless your willing to ship