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You don’t just do good, you are good and what comes out of you should reflect that! Goodness is a human birthright and we encourage everyone to freely exercise their birthright. Let technology remove the obstacles and limitations. 

Humanitarian 2.0 Next generation philanthropy

Our global society has become increasingly reliant on technology for many critical aspects of life. Finding directions, going to school, keeping in touch with distant friends and relatives, checking medical records, buying food, making appointments and interviewing for jobs are a fraction of the many uses for current technology. Now imagine how difficult life would be, if you did not have access to these services because of your economic situation. Imagine not being able to keep connected with loved ones, apply for jobs or get regular mail because you lacked basic access to current technology.

The internet is fast becoming a global society that crosses international, cultural, political, gender, age, and many other boundaries. Technology is allowing us to interact with one another in ways that we are still wrapping our heads around. 

Our philosophy

Access to technology should be a right not a privilege. Every man woman and child should have the opportunity to benefit others and benefit from the current global community that exists only because of technology. Technology affords us the opportunity to do good on a scale that wasn’t possible in previous generations. 

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